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Men's Inceptor Boonie Hat

$ 39.99 $ 39.99

Boonie Hat:  Our warm weather short-brimmed Ultralight Boonie Hat uses Toray’s Dot-Air fabric with micro openings that allow even the slightest breeze to pass through, keeping you cool without sacrificing durability.  Our boonie hat has been designed for early season warm hunting conditions, has a short-brim and a low crown, with a double layer of fusible interfacing sandwiched into the brim for added stiffness.  

Key Features: 

  • Ultralight, just 1.76 oz. (large)
  • Short Brim, just 1.8" wide for unrestricted visibility.
  • Low Crown, 2.5" front and 3.5" rear.
  • Toray® Dot Air fabric technology.
  • No UV signature.
  • Made in the USA of imported Toray® fabric.
  • Price Transparency Link


Medium: Fitted 7 1/4 - 7 3/8, Head Circumference 22.25- 22.625" 
Large: Fitted 7 1/2, Head Circumference 23.0"- 23.50" 
2XLarge: Fitted 8 - 8 1/4, Head Circumference 24.25" - 25.0"