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3M® Wrap All Kit

$ 49.99 $ 49.99

Gun Wrap Installation

3M® Wrap All Kit:  Gulch's Cross Cover® wraps are Do-It-Yourself high performance cast vinyl camouflage wraps that conceal and protect the surface bow, gun, any thing you would like to cover.  These kits are easy to install, conform over compound curves and create a waterproof barrier.  Our wraps consist of three 6" x 29" camouflage sheets you cut to size.  They are made using 3M's IJ180Cv3 2 mil, 8 year premium digital cast film, using Roland ECO-SOL-MAX2 inks, and are waterproof with a non-reflective matte finish.  We off gas our printed film 36 hrs before laminating with 3M's 8915 ultra matte laminate.  3M's IJ180Cv3 uses Comply™ v3 gray pressure activated adhesive with Controltac™ air release, allowing the print to be repositionable.  Our 3M wraps are removable, leave no residue behind, and come with a 5-year no-fade warranty.  The Cross Cover® camouflage pattern has an engineered graphic design allowing a more seamless edge when overlapping with its neighbor's panels.

Key Features:

  • Three 6" x 29" 3M vinyl camouflage sheets
  • Enough to wrap a bow, gun and similar sizes objects.
  • Free Shipping in the USA
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Waterproof Ultra Matte Finish
  • Easy to Install
  • Removable, leaves no residue behind 
  • Engineered Cross Cover® Graphics
  • Price Transparency Link

Click the link below for installation guide.