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Easy Insulated SkullCap

$ 39.99 $ 39.99

Our Easy Insulated Skullcap is designed for maximum heat retention and extreme breathability using Polartec's Lightweight Power dry® and their Alpha® Direct active insulation.  Both fabrics are Berry Amendment Compliant.  Fits Easy on the head without the compression of seam lines and fits Easy under a hood or helmet for on the go active hunting.

Polartec's Power Grid®, with geometric constructions to generate targeted touch points for their patented bi-component design to manage moisture. The next-to-skin surface is hydrophilic to absorb sweat vapor and transfer it outside. Then the outer surface disperses moisture for more efficient evaporation. The grid design also creates open air channels that improve breathability, and reduce fabric mass.

Polartec® Alpha® Direct active insulation continuously releases excess body heat before it causes saturation and discomfort, while their Power Grid® pulls moistures out and away.  This combined air exchange technology creates sustained comfort without shedding layers and is engineered for consistent warmth, while allowing greater breathability during activity.

Key Features:
  • Polartec® Alpha® Direct, 4-way stretch, 100% recycled polyester at 186 g/m2, Made in the USA and Berry Compliant.
  • Polartec® Power Grid® knit, 4-way stretch, 133g/m2, 100% polyester, Made in the USA and Berry Compliant.
  • Superior wicking action.
  • Highly breathable with excellent compressibility.
  • Reduced head pressure.
  • Regulated drying.
  • Polygiene Odor control.
  • No UV signature.
  • Made in the USA from Berry Amendment Compliant Polartec® fabrics.