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Cross Cover® Gray

Gulch's Cross Cover® Gray camouflage pattern:

Gulch’s proprietary camouflage pattern Cross Cover® mimics “rapid adaptive deception” through variegated coloration using uniform, mottled, and disruptive patterning.  We wanted our camouflage pattern to work in four different environments and within their four seasons.  The name Cross Cover, refers to the camouflage pattern's ability to cross-over geographic regions and still be effective blending in and breaking up your silhouette.   Cross Cover is designed for deception at both close and long ranges using micro and macro patterning to break up the perceived continuous surfaces of a hunter.

Development :

Gulch approached their Cross Cover® pattern not based on the background shapes of a specific environment, but the positive and negative spaces of multiple geographic regions.  Each region had similarities in high-contrast light and dark spaces which we used to give the strong disruptive coloration in the pattern.  We then broke those spaces into four mottled color palette zones each one having a distinct micro and macro patterning.  We used three color shades in each color zone to give vertical depth separation and used different layers of color gradation to soften definition.  We took into account how light ricochets off the surrounding environment.  The effect is referred to as indirect or bounce lighting.  When light bounces off of its environment, it takes on the color of the surface that it came from.  When the environment's indirect light is projected onto our Cross Cover® pattern, it changes the way that our palette colors communicate with each other by adapting to the tone of the surrounding environment's colors.  This gives our Cross Cover® color palette the ability to rapidly take on new tones in different environments.