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Gulch Gear

Men's Inceptor Pant Button Fly

$ 169.99 $ 99.99

Pant:  Slip undetected through the woods in our quick-drying ultralight Inceptor Pant.  Made with 149 g/m2 Toray® Dot-Air 2-way stretch fabric and dye sublimated in our deceptive camouflage pattern, Cross Cover®.  Lightweight and highly breathable, our pants are designed for layering and can be used for early to mid-season warm and cool hunting.

Adjustable Waist (three inch grade):  Cross Cover® Brown XLarge.  Our Cross Cover® Brown button fly has an adjustable waist line using one-inch ladder locks and have seven one-inch-wide belt loops that can accommodate up to a two-inch wide belt.  With a gusseted crotch, and a relaxed fit through the hip and thighs with a straight leg.  The side cargo and rear pocket flaps are bar tacked in place, keeping your contents secure without using Velcro® or zippers.

Toray’s Dot-Air Fabric is not designed for water resistance, in fact we purposefully left off the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) because it blocks the fabric’s ability to accept scent eliminators.  Since most scent control products are a liquid, the DWR prevents the penetration of these products into the fibers of the fabric, rendering them useless.

Dot Air technology was originally created to help the Japanese Summer Olympics team manage heat stress.  It is an extremely breathable fabric to keep you cool, and that breathability also means your pants will dry very quickly after being exposed to the elements.

Key Features: 

  • Toray® Primeflex spiral yarn, 2-way stretch.
  • 100% polyester at 149 g/m2.
  • 3.00" gusseted crotch for all day sitting comfort.
  • Deep welled front, side, and rear pockets with silent openings.
  • ITW Nexus 1” ladder locks.
  • MIL-SPEC pocket lining mesh for breathability.
  • ITW Nexus bar button fly for silence. (Button Fly Style)
  • All "Made in the USA" components.
  • No UV signature.
  • Made in the USA with imported Toray® fabric
  • Price Transparency Link

    1. ITW 1" ladder loc's with MIL-SPEC 1" webbing.
    2. ITW MIL-SPEC bar button fly with double 10mm camouflage grosgrain webbing.
    3. Gusseted crotch. 
    4. Deep rear and front pockets. (no Velcro®, or zippers for silent opening)
    5. ITW toaster cordloc with 10mm Cross Cover® camouflage grosgrain webbing drawstring leg. (not sewn in and can be removed, if desired) Button Fly Only
    6. Seven 1" belt loops.
    7. Left side pant pocket. (no Velcro®, or zipper for silent opening)